plastic-surgery-in-sydneyPlastic surgery is deemed a specific branch of modern medicine and surgery that addresses repair and corrective intervention of functional deficits and physical deformities.

Plastic surgery covers a wide scope and it mainly addresses physical form. The term ‘plastic’ on the other hand entails to the functional points of the medical field. Plastic surgery in general is divided into different fields. These include the reconstructive and aesthetic fields.

It is not surprising that these two fields tend to overlap from time to time. For instance, performing reconstructive surgery on a client with a tumour on the head, breast, or neck area that needs to be removed requires the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon as well. At the end of the day, the prime foundation of cosmetic surgery is flawless reconstructive surgery.


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At Sydney Plastic Surgery, Dr Barnouti, a Sydney based Specialist Plastic surgeon, performs a broad range of cosmetic procedures and has help thousands of people achieve their desired look. Doctor Charlotte Ying is recognised as an experienced Cosmetic surgery consultant offering a diverse range of cosmetic procedures. We specialize in breast augmentation, breast implants, liposuction, face lifts, breast enlargement, vaginoplasty, tummy tuck, nose jobs, labiaplasty, mummy makeovers just to name a few.

Read through our cosmetic surgery procedures to find out what you are looking for. Our surgeons are considered leaders in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Sydney and are much respected throughout Australia. If you are thinking about getting some work done, call us to book an appointment in one of our 3 clinics which can be found in Parramatta, Sydney and Chatswood.