chin-implant Chin Augmentation also known as mentoplasty is the process of enhancing and remodelling the size and shape of your chin by either fixing implants in them or reshaping the jaw bones. It is important that the projection of your chin remain in proportion with your nose and forehead and chin augmentation is done just to do that.

Who should go for a Chin Augmentation?

You can have this surgery if you have a chin so tiny in size that just disappear in your neck. Also, if you have an asymmetrical chin that ruins the proportion and balance of your face, then you should definitely go for the surgery. For people with a long projected neck that they think is unsightly, the procedure can do wonders.

How will it help the person undergoing the surgery?

This surgery will help you regain your self confidence and make dramatic changes to your face and personality, as it helps in balancing out your facial features in proportion to your chin. No matter how ugly your chin looks, it can be altered successfully with the help of chin augmentation.

How is the surgery conducted?

Generally surgeons will use local or general anaesthesia to sedate you. They will then make a tiny incision either under your chin along the crease of your neck or inside your mouth where the upper lip meets your gum. From the space created from this incision and by general stretching of your tissues, surgeons are able to insert various kinds of implants as per your suitability to enhance and improve your chin projection in comparison to rest of your face; they can even remodel or reshape your bone structure from that same tiny incision. After the surgery is done, the surgeons close the incision with the help of sutures, which are removed within 5 days of your surgery. The surgery can be successfully completed within a span of 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon your case.

What are the things that need to be taken care of post surgery?

You must not resume work or daily routine immediately after the surgery. You must avoid exercising and doing strenuous jobs for at least for 3 weeks post surgery. You may resume work within 2 weeks of the surgery, however, you must carefully follow the instruction given by your surgeon; Icing the area of surgery, applying proper healing meds on the scars and keeping your head elevated while sleeping are some o them.

What is the amount that needs to be spent on this surgery?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various implants- their use, availability and types?

There are a variety of implants available for your convenience and suitability such as: silicone implants, polytetrafluoroethylene etc. The silicone implants are the most common ones whereas the polytetrafluoroethylene implants are more real and stronger.

When will I be able to completely recover from the surgery?

On an average you can recover within a span of a month or two.