Dr. Laith Barnouti

DrBarnouti-1Dr. Laith Barnouti is one of few leading plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery in Sydney, Australia. He is highly trained in bringing out the natural beauty of the human face and body with over 13 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. Within his period of practice, he has already performed thousands of stringent surgical procedures, which makes him quite highly experienced in the aspect of cutting-edge cosmetic surgery.

He is also recognized for his cosmetic surgery literature and media contributions. With more than a decade’s worth of training and experience, he has dedicated his expertise to the highest standards of the latest plastic surgery breakthroughs; yet he upholds the basic human element through it all. For Dr. Barnouti, it is the responsibility of a plastic surgeon to enhance the self-image of his clients, and that he needs to take this professional responsibility seriously.

He owes his success to four key points: short scar emphasis, his knowledge and competency to understand the preferences and needs of a patient and to address each of them carefully, keeping himself updated of the latest breakthroughs and procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery which are performed in Australia and all over the world, and his constant vigilance to uphold the safety of his patients.

Dr. Barnouti’s Background and Professional Experience

After he obtained licensure for plastic surgeon practice in Sydney, he travelled to various parts of the world to expand his knowledge and experience, and to obtain international fellowships in the name of advanced cosmetic surgery. Some of his international fellowships include:

  • Medical conventions held in Akademiklinken, Stockholm, Sweden pertaining to modern 21st century approach to breast reshaping and augmentation surgery
  • Short-scar face lift fellowships held in Gent and Belgium
  • He also practiced in the Ivo Pitanguy Body and Buttock Surgery Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

He is one of the members of the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and he is also a Fellow for the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS). Basically, the RACS is known as the only recognized statutory body which gives training in plastic surgery in Australia. At present, he specializes in surgical procedures that shed light in minimal invasion, short scarring, and volume restoration of the body and face. He has published numerous medical literatures, lectured at scientific meetings, and he had regular attendance to both national and international science conventions.

Dr. Laith Barnouti has travelled through Europe, North, and South America and evaluated numerous plastic surgery centres in order to be abreast in the latest global advancements in cosmetic surgery technologies and techniques. Some of the practices which he had visited in the past include:

  • Beverly Hills Body Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic in Beverly Hills, Ca USA
  • Jacksonville Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Florida, USA
  • Paris Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Paris, France
  • Sao Paulo in Brazil, the body and buttock reshaping capital of the country
  • Calf implants, upper and lower limbs remodelling at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mastered breast augmentation procedure in Singapore

Overall, Dr. Barnouti takes pride in his dedication and expertise to provide excellent patient care and provide the latest in concept and technology in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery.

We, at Australia Plastic Surgery aim to help our patients make the best decision and guide them toward wellness. We are happy to serve you.