Facial Contouring – Sydney

Facial sculpting or contouring is defined as the creation and enhancement of a more attractive and defined facial silhouette with the use of various aesthetic methods and modalities. These methods usually involve invasive fat removal or liposuction by using injected fillers.

Available Choices for Treatment

The very first choice not just for body contouring by for the face as well is liposuction. The backlog of this procedure is that not all people wish to undergo invasive fat removal. Add that to the fact that the face is a less likely candidate for receiving standard liposuction treatment compared to other parts of the body. The good news is that there are plenty of energy-assisted treatment procedures that pertain to safe yet effective fat removal.

How does facial contouring work?

With the use of laser-aided liposuction, a sterile cannula is inserted through the skin after making a minute incision. This tiny opening is used to introduce the tumescent solution which will catalyse fat removal safely. Afterwards, non-tumescent laser energy is administered, this procedure is highly recommended for facial contouring since it promises more precision for expert facial sculpting that yields the most natural results.

Photo-acoustic or thermal disruption is delivered to the targeted fat cells through the sterile cannula for liposuction. This way, the recalcitrant fat tissues can be easily removed through manual drainage, suctioning, and natural water excretion through the skin, kidneys, and bowels.

Do take note that there are instances when thermal build-up happens underneath the skin, which helps to contract the layer. The skin contraction is considered a beneficial effect since it allows for restoration of facial shape after reduction of tissue volume. For laser-derived liposuction, the expected results of the procedure depend on the delivery and administration of laser energy and the wavelength that’s therapeutic for the patient.

Correct therapeutic wavelengths can be absorbed both by the adipose (fat) tissues and water. It takes the careful hand of a skilled liposuction expert to deliver the desired facial contouring results projected for the client, with the help of small cannulas and prescribed delivery of energy.

Standard parameters are strictly established for each client for safety measures. Safety precautions are also established to maintain the maximum comfort and wellness of each client.