Issues that your surgeon should address before labiaplasty

the labiaplasty surgery in Sydney

Much as this is an important surgery to you as a woman you should be keen on whether certain aspects are addressed. These are:

The long term and short term risks

There are risks such as bleeding and infection which may disappear after a short period of time. There are however those which may last long-probably you may have to live with them. For instance, it might interest you to ask the doctor if the operation will reduce you sensitivity during sexual intercourse. Be sure to consult to our labiaplasty Sydney specialists to ensure safety during your labiaplasty surgery.

The benefits-which ones are they?

Apart from hygienic benefit as well as the aesthetic reasons, you will need to ask the doctor whether there are any other benefits that come with this kind of  plastic surgery procedure. In most cases, you should see to it that the benefits are more compared to the risks involved. You will reckon that this is not a cheap operation, so you should be able to get value for your money.

Usability of other hygienic products

You will realize that the operation may or may not affect your ability to use hygienic products like tampons. Other questions that you should ask relate to your future ability to carry a pregnancy or possible difficulty in giving birth.

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Issues affecting the cost of labiaplasty

There are various issues that will ultimately affect labiaplasty. To begin with, the experience of the doctor determines the cost; if the surgeon is less experienced, they will charge less and more if they are more experienced.

Surgeon’s fees and anaesthesiologist fees will also affect the final cost of the surgical procedure. If you are going to be operated in the operating room as opposed to the doctor’s office, then the cost will go up. There is also the cost of any medication given, the post-operation care among many other factors. Therefore, the cost varies from one hospital to another.