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Anaesthesiologist’s cost

There are non-surgical costs such as the fee paid to the anaesthesiologists for administering local anaesthesia to you before the surgical procedure. Heaped together is the charge for using the facility where the surgical procedure is carried out. The cost will obviously differ if it is done in the surgeon’s office as opposed to the hospital. The overall labiaplasty package cost is $4900 whereas the vaginoplasty is $7900. The combined labiaplasty in Sydney cost of the anaesthesiologist and cost of the facility could set you back by between $500 and $1000, depending on where this procedure is done.

The downtime

The time the procedure takes influences the cost. Ordinarily, the procedure will take an average of one hour, there in some cases; it may take longer depending on the nature of the operation. The longer the procedure takes, the more you will pay for the procedure.

The number of surgeries

There are those patients who require more than one surgery and this tends to increase the cost of the procedure.

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The techniques

The technique used during the surgery will influence the overall cost. There is the traditional classic technique which uses surgical instruments as well as the modern laser method. The more sophisticated the method is, the more you will pay.

cheap sydney breast implantsSurgeon’s fee

The fee the consultant‘s charge depend on the clinic you visit. Some surgeons charge consultation fee while others do not charge.

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There are charges related to medications, blood tests and so on.