Dental Implants

Many patients that come to see us at our dental clinic in Parramatta have a missing tooth. In some cases, the crown, which is the exposed part of the tooth together with is absent. A dentist will study the patient and then work to bind the dental implant with the jawbone. For such an implant to hold firmly, the skills of the dentist is called to action. There are quite a number of dental Parramatta qualified dentists who will provide you with excellent dental services.

Types of Dental Implants

If the dental implants used are fixed to the jawbone, this implant is known as endosteal and is usually screw-shaped. Endosteal implants are the commonest dental implants in use today. Those dental implants put either under or over the gum are known as subperiosteal and are ideal for patients with underdeveloped or jawbones or do not want to undergo any form of reconstructive surgery on the jawbone.

Dental implants are usually made of titanium and can either be round-shaped or reduced in thickness at the tip. An abutment, a connector that is fixed atop the dental implant helps to fit the strengthen the joint between the implant and the missing tooth through a method known as osseointegration.

How safe is a Dental Implant?

Safe is the word here. Dental implants have been tried and tested and found to be quite effective. This is because of the fusion of the implant and the jawbone. The fact that titanium metal is bio-compatible makes them safe to use. Once the dental implant has healed, you can use the teeth the normal way such as chewing and crushing.

Dental Implant Treatment plan

The first step is usually the placement of the implant on the jawbone and surgically fixed. You may be numbed through anaesthesia. Once this is done, the implant will slowly start to bond with the jaw bone through a process known as osseointegration. The process takes a few weeks at the minimum but can go on to a few months.

Benefits of Dental Implants

As earlier noted dental implants are safe and resemble natural teeth in every aspect. They are durable and strong as well. On average, dental implants can serve you for over 10 years if well maintained.

Dental implants help to preserve the shape of your teeth hence you look as natural as possible. People with dental implants can afford to smile and talk in confidence without worrying about the appearance of their teeth, unlike other options like dentures. The dental implants can be cleaned and flossed just like natural teeth, unlike dentures, for instance, which have to be removed for cleaning. Some dental options affect the way you talk, affecting the way you pronounce words. This is not the case with a dental implant; they allow you to talk so naturally! Dental implants also leave the neighbouring teeth intact, unlike other options like use of bridges which damage the neighbouring healthy teeth.

Our dental specialists in Parramatta see people with missing teeth every day. Dental implants are a great way to improve your smile and overall appearance of your teeth.