Cosmetic Surgery Explained

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of medicine that pertains to enhancement, improvement, and rehabilitation of the natural physical properties of the body. Cosmetic surgery is not only focused on enhancing the physical features of the body, because these procedures are very helpful in repairing or restoring damaged parts of the body. There are those who are quite unfortunate to sustain injuries from an accident, or that they have come to terms with having physical defects at the time of their birth.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

cosmetic-surgery-dr-barnoutiEyelid surgery is quite common among middle-aged individuals. The medical term for this procedure is blepharoplasty, wherein the skin folds of the eyelids are rearranged, reduced, or pulled back to get rid of wrinkling or sagging that primarily causes an aged appearance for the area around the eyes.

Facial surgical procedures are also quite common among consumers today. These procedures are of course performed for the benefit of the face, lifting features, stretching back skin, and getting rid of folds and wrinkles that all lead to tell-tale ageing signs. Facial rejuvenation, nose lift (rhinoplasty), cheek augmentation, adding of chin fillers to give you that heart-shaped appearance, otoplasty or surgery of the ears, lip augmentation, etc are just some of the procedures that are done to enhance the appearance of the face.


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Skin Revitalization & Nutrients

Anti Oxidant Vitamins
Stem Cells,
Growth Factors,Collagen,
Hyaluronic Acid Infusion
For Glowing & Healthy Skin

from 249 – $349
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Anti Ageing Skin Care

Skin Needling
Medical Peel
Vitamins& growth factors Infusion
Photo led Therapy
Micro Dermabrasion face + body
Ultra Sonic Scrubber
Oxygen infusion
Vampire Facial
24 K Gold Facial

from $ 129 – $ 399

Laser Treatment

Pigmentation Removal
Fractional co2 Laser Resurfacing
Pigmentation, Acne scars & Wrinkles
Face,Neck,Decolletage ,Hands
Tattoo Removal

from $ 99 – $499

Mesotherapy Hair Regrowth & PRP Injectables

$ 199 per tube

NEW Placenta Mesotherapy

Fresh Cell Therapy Infusion
Skin Rejuvenation

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NEW – MiraDry Stop Sweating

Permanently Reduce Underarm Sweat , Odor , Hair


Vaginal Tightening

Restoring the structure of your Mucosa , helping Atrophy,Dryness & Irritation

$ 750 – $ 900 per session

Fat Dissolving Figure Master

Acts Directly on Fat Tissue
Tummy ,Waist, Cellulite ,Hips ,Inner Thighs , Arms ,Back,Face ,
Double Chin
Non Surgical Body Contouring
Lipolysis & Ultra Sound
Skin , Muscules Tightening
Painless Procedure Elimination of Excess Fat in places that are hard to lose with Diet & Physical Exercise

from $ 80 – $ 220
20%off package of 6 sessions

Face, Neck, Eyes Lifting & Reshaping

from $120 -$399