labiaplasty surgery in sydneyLabiaplasty is also known as labia minora reduction, labioplasty or simply labial reduction. It refers to the surgical procedure whereby the inner labia are altered through the removal of excess skin in order to make it smaller. Women go for this surgical procedure with the aim of improving their hygiene in the area. However, there are others who go for it purely for aesthetic reasons.

In some cases, labiaplasty is done in conjunction with yet another procedure known as vaginoplasty. Together, the two are referred to as vaginal rejuvenation. It may happen that some women are inherently born with a condition which makes the labia to be enlarged due to fat deposition in the area. Plastic surgeons have given such women a ray of hope through such surgery to remove the excess tissue. The procedure takes a short period of time and is not painful. It requires administration of either a local or general anaesthesia.

surgery of labiaplsty in sydneyAre their possible risks during labioplasty?

Surgeons will inform you ahead of the surgery the potential risks which include possible bleeding or infection. The surgeon will minimize the risk and usually recommend that you avoid taking blood-thinning medication such as aspirin. You should also not take anti-inflammatory at least a week before the operation is done. There are some drugs that you will be provided to prevent getting infection but ideally, you should maintain a high level of hygiene after the surgical operation.

Recovery from labiaplasty

Recovery from the procedure usually takes time, during which you are not supposed to engage in sex. Doctors generally recommend that you abstain from sex for a period of up to 2 months in order to allow to healing.